Walk to Work Day - 1st April

In these days of cars and pollution, "Walk to Work Day" will be a great opportunity to improve our environment and our health. Pedestrians are traffic calming, they don’t pollute and their body gets a good workout on the way to work. Let's all start walking to work on 1st April 2022!

History of Walk to Work Day
In 1956, the first Walk to Work Day was organized in San Francisco as a way to promote physical fitness. The event was such a success that it quickly spread to other cities. In the early days, Walk to Work Day was more about promoting exercise than anything else.

Now, Walk to Work Day is a global event that celebrates the benefits of walking. It’s a day for people to get active and enjoy the fresh air. In many cities, local businesses and organizations host events and activities to promote walking.

How to Celebrate Walk to Work Day
To celebrate Walk to Work Day, many people will walk to work on April 1st. This is a great way to get some exercise, and it can also help to improve your mood and productivity. If you’re not able to walk to work, you can still celebrate by walking during your lunch break or after work.

There are many other ways to celebrate Walk to Work Day as well. You can organize a walking group with your coworkers, or you can participate in a local walkathon. You can also find fun ways to make walking more enjoyable, such as listening to music or podcasts while you walk.