Happy Propose Day

Every year the month of February comes after a long wait for certain category of people around the world. They’re the lovers and the people who hold unrequited feelings for their crushes. They patiently wait for this exact month, especially the Propose Day of the valentine week to arrive officially. So, they can properly confess their deepest feelings with words and open up to their loved ones. When could that day be? It’s the 8th February. The day after the ‘Rose Day’ and also the second day of the valentine week.

History of the ‘Propose Day’

To start anew relationship, everyone needs to jump up a hurdle called ‘Asking their loved one out’ for real. It is a formal way to convey feelings to a person and asking them to be their LOVE of life. Proposing has always been a way to begin a romantic relationship throughout the centuries.  People used to propose directly or by poetic letters in the earliest generation. But now there’s a special day based on it for modern populace. They can propose in numerous and creative ways.

How to celebrate

This is a day broadly celebrated in the western world at present. People who dated a long time and finally want to get married to their favorite person, this is also a perfect day to propose their loved one with a ring and make the day celebrated for life. People who want to start dating; they can gather their courage and finally pour their heart to their desired one on this very day with some heartfelt words and a tasteful present. A person can throw a surprise party for this purpose with other friends and well-wishers to make the day more exciting for both of the couples.

Propose Day Gifts

One needs to prepare the propose day gifts with due care and keeping the special person’s interest in mind. Make the gift as personalized as possible. Proposing with gorgeous flowers is a sure-fire way to make someone’s heart flutter. The captivating flowers can be a witness of your new chapter of love. In order to bring out the innermost smile on somebody’s loved one’s face and a ‘Yes ‘from their mouth, it’s a good decision to take them to their dearest destination and make them experience something remarkable that they wanted to experience for a long time. It would obviously make them happy. Another great way to propose is to present a heart shaped cake with ' I love you’ written on it, It will surely take them under the spell of love.

Propose Day wish, Message and Social Media Status

This very day, everyone posts of page feelings the wish luck courage of each other closed wonderful

The messages that people can say to their loved one on propose day are following:

Growing old together can be the best part of our lives. Let’s make it happen. Hold my hand and I will take you to the land of undying love!

Being with you is like being in a romantic movie; every moment is so full of love; everything is so full of colors and every ride is so enjoyable. Happy propose day!

If you hadn’t proposed to me, I’d never know growing old with you would be so much fun. I love you! Happy propose day!

On this special occasion of propose day, I want to tell you how important you are to me. All the time we spent together means a lot to me. Let’s be together forever.

Conclusion: This is a day where it can bring somebody a great joy and satisfaction. On the other hand, it can turn somber for anyone if they’re rejected by their crushes. No matter how it turns out, a lover does their best to convey their sincere feelings and try to touch the heart of the admired person.

Even in heartbreak or elation, the admirer still do best at what they’re known for, they  keep singing their melody of heart out to the world and to the beloved.