National Jerky Day

Today 9 June is the National Jerky Day. Meat provides the nourishment individuals need to build their brains, heal their bodies, and endure the long, bitter winters. Humans have developed a technique to preserve meat for lengthy periods of time.

History of National Jerky Day

Jerky is made by soaking lean meat in brine (salty water) and then drying it under controlled conditions.

Many people would be surprised to learn that the word "jerky" comes from the Quechua word ch'arki. The Quechua are a South American ethnic group who live in the Andes Mountains, and it's possible that they're the ones who came up with the notion of jerky.

The jerky-making technique ensures that bacteria do not have enough time to develop before the meat is properly dried, keeping it in a healthy and flavorful manner. It usually entails utilizing very thinly sliced meat since it dries more quickly.

Jerky can now be made in a variety of methods other than with thinly sliced pork. It can also be smoked or made into a paste and pressed into shapes that can be cured quickly. The finished result is equally wonderful and fantastic!

National Jerky Day was established to honor the history, popularity, and nutritional advantages of all types of dried meat treats. It's the perfect occasion to sample a new jerky flavor. Perhaps it's time to try jerky made from a different meat, as it can be produced from turkey, chicken, hog, beef, venison, or any other meat the jerky maker desires.

How to Celebrate National Jerky Day

Start celebrating National Jerky Day with one of these inventive ideas, or come up with your own:

Jerky is a tasty snack.
The most obvious, but necessary, way to commemorate National Jerky Day is to go out and get some delicious jerky to eat. Purchase some that has been made locally, or try a well-known brand of beef, turkey, or other jerky from a nearby grocery shop.

Take a Trip with Jerky

Have you ever wondered why jerky is so popular among travelers? Meat loses around 75% of its original weight during the drying process, making it a product that can be easily preserved. Despite this, it retains all of its nutritious benefits and flavor. That means it's light and portable, but it still carries a powerful protein punch!

So, if you're planning a trip back in time, make sure you have some beef jerky on hand. Alternatively, toss it in a lunchbox and bring it to work for a healthy snack.

Use a dehydrator or a smoker to make jerky.
It is strongly recommended that individuals who truly want to celebrate National Jerky Day in style not only go out and buy a favorite kind of jerky from the shop, but also take on the mantle of a culinary explorer and find a jerky cookbook. Purchase a smoker or dehydrator and begin creating your own jerky!

Come up with some unique taste combinations and types, and create a snack that people will want to enjoy all year. Go ahead and start smoking, curing, and drying, and then sit back and enjoy the delectable results!