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ICC FTP Server

FTP servers are the backbone of modern digital systems, facilitating the swift transfer of files across networks and the internet. In this blog post, we'll shed light on the ICC FTP Server BD and its remarkable capabilities, revolutionizing file transfer. Before we dive into ICC, here's a substantial list of BD servers:

ICC FTP Servers List

  • ICC FTP Server
  • Pro Server
  • Movie Server
  • Mojaloss FTP
  • Discovery FTP
  • Live TV Server
  • Anime Server
  • Dhaka FTP
  • VDO Mela
  • BD Server
  • Live Cricket
  • Nagordola FTP
  • FTP BD
  • Natural BD FTP
  • Link3 FTP BD
  • Movie Haat
  • Cinema Bazar
  • Movie Mela
  • Alpha Media FTP
  • Bangla Movies
  • Data Server BD
  • Game Server
  • Unique FTP
  • Game Server BD
  • Dekhvhai FTP
  • English Movie
  • Ebox FTP
  • Roar Zone
  • Kalponik FTP
  • DB Lan
  • Explore FTP
  • Net Code
  • Panda Club
  • Dubbed Movies
  • Net Code FTP
  • Khulna Plex
  • S-Flix
  • Alif Laila FTP
  • Show Time BD
  • Circle FTP Server
  • Discovery Movie Server
  • Dhaka Movie
  • Nagordola FTP Live
  • FTPBD net
  • Amber IT FTP Server
  • BongoBD
  • City Cloud
  • BD Lan
  • Alif Laila 2
  • BusNet BD
  • Bee flix FTP
  • Boss BD
  • Fun Time BD FTP
  • DFN DB
  • Spark Net BD
  • Boss Movies
  • Crazy HD
  • Torrent BD
  • Sam Online FTP
  • NET@Home
  • JDIX
  • CrazyCTG FTP
  • MybdPlex
  • Elaach FTP BD
  • Kurigram
  • Ant House BD
  • Net Matrix BD
  • Quick Online
  • Kiss Anime Server
  • Movie Box BD
  • CTG Hall
  • IT Base BD
  • Rangdhanu Server
  • Ihub FTP
  • EVO Net BD
  • Small Screen FTP
  • Free Download FTP
  • Mazeda Network FTP
  • Mojar FTP
  • InfoLink FTP
  • Asian NET FTP
  • DOT Internet FTP

Now, let's explore the fastest broadband internet connection and delve deeper into the ICC FTP server.

In a rush? The ICC server currently holds the top spot, offering lightning-fast internet speed.

What is an FTP Server BD? 

An FTP server is a software application that operates on a computer or server, facilitating the seamless transfer of files between computers within a network or over the internet. It employs the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a standard protocol used widely for file transfers on the internet. Typically, users can log in to an FTP server using a username and password, enabling them to upload or download files to and from the server.

Types of FTP Servers

There are two main types of BD FTP servers: standalone FTP servers and web-based FTP servers.

  • Standalone FTP Servers: Standalone FTP servers are installed on dedicated servers and function as independent applications. They are commonly utilized in corporate environments or by web hosting companies dealing with substantial file transfers between servers. Standalone FTP servers offer greater control over the server’s settings and configuration, allowing users to customize them to suit their specific needs.
  • Web-Based FTP Servers: Web-based FTP servers are web applications accessible through web browsers. They are more commonly used by small businesses or individuals who need to transfer files but prefer not to install a standalone FTP server. Web-based FTP servers are user-friendly, requiring no specialized software on the client’s computer.

About ICC FTP Server

The ICC server boasts an array of features, showcasing top-notch performance. Using ICC FTP, you benefit from their robust security measures, providing peace of mind when using their services.

Many users often struggle to find the content they desire, but the ICC server offers a solution, granting access to a wide variety of content. With the ICC FTP server, if you are a user of ICC Internet, you can watch and obtain everything you want seamlessly.

ICC FTP server IP

The IP for the ICC FTP server is, which is the same as the ICC communication FTP server address. However, it's worth noting that the IP address for icc FTP server movies and icc FTP server TV may vary, as indicated in the buttons above.


Bangladesh now hosts a diverse array of FTP servers. FTP, an acronym for File Transfer Protocol, enables users to transfer files via the Internet to other computers. Most FTP servers cater to their client’s entertainment needs. ICC FTP is especially valuable to ICC Internet users, and accessing their ICC server merely requires their IP address.

Features of FTP Servers

FTP servers come equipped with a range of features that make them valuable tools for file transfers. Some key features include:

  • File Transfer: Users can upload or download files between computers, enabling seamless sharing.
  • Directory Browsing: FTP servers offer a directory browsing feature, simplifying file discovery and retrieval.
  • User Authentication: Access to FTP servers typically requires user authentication, ensuring only authorized users gain entry.
  • Encryption: Some FTP servers support encryption, ensuring secure file transfers, particularly for sensitive information.

Benefits of Using FTP Servers

Using FTP servers for file transfer offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Efficient File Transfer: FTP servers facilitate fast and efficient transfer of files, even with large file sizes.
  • Increased Security: Users are assured of a secure file transfer process through authentication and encryption measures.
  • Improved Collaboration: Multiple users can access the same server, fostering effective collaboration on shared files.
  • Reduced Costs: FTP Server BD presents a cost-effective alternative to physical media, such as CDs or USB drives, as files can be accessed from any location with an internet connection.

Embracing FTP servers can greatly enhance file management, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration in a secure and efficient manner. If you want to connect through your Android device, please consider downloading the FTP server APK.